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Great Forest's
portfolio of waste
and recycling
consulting services
assists clients in
installing and
maintaining a
recycling program
to keep costs

Waste & Recycling Consulting

Already the leader for over 15 years, Great Forest has developed recycling programs for over a thousand of commercial properties, financial institutions, universities, municipalities, and other organizations. Our programs focus on making recycling as easy as possible, while driving down costs associated with waste removal. Our consulting services include:

  • Waste audits and reporting-
    Great Forest uses a hands-on approach to gather information about clients' waste handling procedures and volumes. We observe current waste practices, review waste removal contracts, assess staff and tenant needs, and evaluate options available to the facility. We then provide recommendations to our client for recycling program design, steps for implementation, estimated costs (if any), and projected cost savings.

  • Recycling program installation and maintenance-
    Great Forest trained staff install a recycling program based on our clients' individual needs that ensures compliance with local recycling regulations. We create instructional materials to educate staff, tenants, cleaners, and management, and we post legally required signs in the appropriate areas. After the program is installed, we regularly monitor program effectiveness and re-educate staff and new tenants as needed.

  • Donation assistance-
    We assist clients with reducing their waste through our donation assistance program to help clients donate unwanted, but usable, items for little to no cost. Tax-deductible donations to charities may be arranged. If you are a client interested in learning more about donating unwanted office items, see our resources section, or contact your Great Forest representative with detailed information about the items available.

  • Contract negotiation-
    Great Forest consultants are available to moderate any issues that may arise between clients and waste haulers, and to secure the best price and service available by soliciting competitive bids or renegotiating with the incumbent hauler. Additionally, see our waste brokering services.


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